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Rewards Programs

We have a rich partnership with all of the companies who supply our products at The Refinery Co. Even if you only come in once per year, you can claim HUGE savings and opportunities with the rewards programs that these companies offer. Click below to sign up for any of their amazing programs.

Xeomin - Merz Rewards

Xeomin is another wrinkle relaxing treatment that we offer, Merz offers an amazing rebate program for your Xeomin treatments!

Jeauveau - Evolus Rewards

Evolus carries one of our favorite neurotoxins, Jeauveau. You can get some great savings by signing up for their rewards program!

Alle Rewards Program

Alle is a rewards program that partners with multiple companies across the industry of medical aesthetics to provide you with great discounts and savings.

Aspire - Galderma Rewards

Galderma carries an amazing line of fillers, neurotoxins, and aesthetic injectables that we use in our practice. Click below to sign up for their rewards program